Internet hosting, different.
Account details

Service details:

No activation fee

Host unlimited sites (independent domains)

Free sub domains

Site redirection

99.5% uptime guarantee

Secure & stable servers

Fantastic support

No hidden extras

Control Panel details:

Real-time control panel: cPanel 11

Online File manager

Free web stats (analog awstats + webalyzer + subdomain stats)

Backup files, DB's, emails, configs with a simple click

Fantastico (install scripts with the click of a button, such as: PHP-Nuke, Post-Nuke, Invision Board, phpBB2, among dozens of others)

Programming details:

Unlimited MySQL / PHP



Zend Optimizer


FrontPage® Support

Directory protection with password

MIME types and Apache handlers access

CRON Jobs access

Access to Apache log files

Custom error pages

E-mail details:

Unlimited emails (POP3 + IMAP + SMTP)

Webmail (SquirrelMail + Neomail + Horde)

Unlimited e-mail aliases

Unlimited e-mail auto-responders

Catch-all email

Unlimited mailing lists

Server-side e-mail filters (including SPAM ASSASSIN protection)

MX Records access

Unlimited FTP accounts

Server Details

Dual Opteron @2 GHz with 4 GB RAM

Connection: OC24 (1.244 Gbps) and OC3 (155.52 Mbps) as backup

Location: USA


The prices

skyservers.org offers more than just ready-made packages.

We offer unlimited features in every account, such as unlimited pop3, domain names, MySQL databases, etc..
We set the price based solely upon the required hard disk space and bandwidth.

We have some sample prices already shown on this page, that cover the majority of the requests.

For all other space and / or bandwidth requirements just use the form below:

Enter your desired Space and Traffic!
Space Mb    
Traffic Mb    
    equivalent to:
£ G.B.P. : per year per month
€ Euro: per year per month
For the cheapest quote, use 80Mb space for each 1000Mb of traffic.

How to pay

Try out our service for two whole weeks without compromise. Test your PHP scripts, your e-mail settings, our speed, control panel, etc..

If you decide to stay with us, payments are handled yearly and in advance. We prefer the fund transfer option via PayPal, but gladly accept Bank Transfers to either a UK (GBP) or Portuguese (Euro) Bank Account.

If you wish, you can also pay by debit or credit card, via PayPal. Please add 3.4%+ £0.20 GBP / €0.35 EUR to the value of your package, to account for the Paypal fees.


After you open your first hosting account with us you are free to resell not only your space / bandwidth but also independent packages as well, at your own price. We'll charge you 25% less for those accounts as well.

We will be deploying reseller cPanel accounts soon, watch this space!

How to Open an Account

Either process it through our support and billing system at http://www.skyservers.org/support

or simply e-mail us at hosting [at] skyservers.org :

  1. your desired login name
  2. main domain name
  3. e-mail address
  4. required space and bandwidth

The account will be opened in 24 hours, usually much sooner.

You will receive an e-mail with all your login information by then.

If you haven't registered a domain name yet, it is better to open an account first and then register the domain name using our name servers. This will reduce the usual 3 day process of domain name propagation to only a couple of hours.

Our name servers are:


Software Details:

  • Apache 2.2.8
  • PERL 5.8.8
  • MySQL 5.0
  • PHP 5.2.5 / 4.4.7
  • phpMyAdmin 2.11.0
  • cPanel 11
    You can see a demo at http://www.cpanel.net
£ 1.43 / € 2.15
Click for USD
per Month*
80 Mb Hard disk space
1 Gb Monthly bandwidth






£2.31 / 3.46
Click for USD
per Month*
160 Mb Hard disk space
2 Gb Monthly bandwidth






£4.07 / 6.11
Click for USD
per Month*
320 Mb Hard disk space
4 Gb Monthly bandwidth






£6.05 / 9.08
Click for USD
per Month*
500 Mb Hard disk space
6.25 Gb Monthly bandwidth



* Our hosting service requires a 12 month advance payment

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